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Vestil Stainless Steel Drum & Bin Dumper PN ULM-PBT-DTC-10

Vestil Stainless Steel Drum & Bin Dumper PN ULM-PBT-DTC-10

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The 304L Stainless Steel Drum & Bin Dumpers are great for the 'clean' workplace as well as manufacturing facilities. The structure is designed of 304L stainless steel including hydraulic cylinders as well as the piston, which promotes easy cleaning and long lasting strength. Push button functionality allows the user to move to a precise position and stop the movement completely, in an emergency, with the emergency switch. Batteries are waterproof, making maintenance a breeze. The unit rolls easily on poly wheels, while traversing from area to area. Once folded, the unit becomes more compact for utilizing less storage space.


Model ULM-PBT-DTC-10
Description Frame & Drum Dumper
Dump Height 51"
Rotation Height 106"
Level Height 51-1/8"
Capacity (lbs) 660
Wt.(lbs) 504

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