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Vestil Hand Pallet Truck PN PMC-PM5-2748-N

Vestil Hand Pallet Truck PN PMC-PM5-2748-N

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Easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Offers a combination of light frame and rollers with self-lubricating ball bearings. Handle is ergonomically designed for operator comfort, reducing lifting and rolling effort. Supplemental rollers allow an easier entrance and a quicker exit from the closed pallets. Features robotically welded frames for consistent strength. Easy to assemble handle.

Model PMC-PM5-2748-N
Overall Fork Size (WxL) 26-3/4” x 45-1/4”
Individual Fork Width 6-1/4"
Service Range 3-3/8" to 8"
Uniform Capacity (lbs) 5,500
Wt.(lbs) 209


Pramac Hand Pallet Truck Our Full Featured Pallet Truck
# of pump to lift 4,315 lbs. (1,957 kgs): 17-18 pumps (pump piston size ø30.00mm) 14-15 pumps (pump piston size ø38.00mm)
Ease of Pump: Easy to pump up around 20-25 lbs pump up force. Harder to pump up around 35-40 pump up force
Number of pumps without load: 20 pumps 20 pumps
Start up - Pull force: 115-120 lbs. 100 - 110 lbs.
Sustained pull force: 75-100 lbs. 100-110 lbs
Push force: 80-90 lbs. 80-90 lbs.
Service range: 3-1/8"-7-5/8" 3" - 7-5/8"
Fork Size: 6" 7"
Net weight: 154 lbs. 176 lbs.

Note: PMC-PM5-2748-N has Nylon Wheels.

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