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Vestil Electric Stackers PN PMC-S-AA-150

Vestil Electric Stackers PN PMC-S-AA-150

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Electric power drive and lift. Ergonomic handle with a full control and safety system. Features "Tortoise" push button for slow motion, a safety punch button with warning buzzer and on-board battery charger. DC powered with two (2) 12V batteries.

Straddle Design with Adjustable Forks (works with both pallets and Skids).

Model Number PMC-S-AA-150
Fork Size (WxL) 9"to31"x45-1/4"
Service Range 3-1/2"to 150"
Capacity 0-118" RH 2,500 lbs.
Capacity 118"-150" RH 1,500 lbs.
Wt.(lbs) 1670

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