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Vestil Counter-Balanced Drum Lifters (Powered Lift & Power Drive) PN S-CB-62-DDC

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Ideal for confined areas, placing drums in cabinets, loading and unloading drums on/off pallets and scales. Transport one (1) 30 or one (1) 55 gallon steel, plastic, or fiber drums with ease. Two (2) 12V DC (lead acid batteries) drive and lift motor handles heavy-duty jobs. Ergonomic handle features easy-to-operate throttle with infinite adjustment of forward and reverse speeds, lift/lower controls, proprietary safety-enhancing emergency reverse function, and horn.

Model S-CB-62-DDC
Description Dual Grip
Uniform Capacity 1,000 lbs.
Service Range 0"-62"
Wt. (lbs) 1847


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