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Universal Tool UT8892-10 Aircraft Drill 1000 RPM

Universal Tool UT8892-10 Aircraft Drill 1000 RPM

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Universal Tool UT8892-10 1/4" Aircraft Air Drill 

  • Machined carbon fiber blades & carbon steel motor parts allow "Oil Free" Use
  • Highest precision engineering ensures 600,000 cycles of use
  • Internal silencer baffle reduces noise pressure level to 75 dBA
  • Precision needle bearings and gears and gear case interchangeable with leading brand
  • Advanced ergonomic handle design with insulated coating for maximum operator comfort
  • Only 7.5" long & 1.3 lbs weight
  • Ported throttle valve for precise variable speed control
  • Best for: Continuous precision air frame work 
Part Number UT8892-10
Speed no Load 1,000 rpm
Power .45 hp.
Length 7.5"
Average cfm 1.9
Max cfm 16
Exhaust Handle
Chuck Size
Air psi 90 psi
6.2 bar


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