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Tohnichi Torque Verification Screwdriver Cordless RTDFHS500CN

Tohnichi Torque Verification Screwdriver Cordless RTDFHS500CN

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Tohnichi Torque Verification Screwdriver Cordless RTDFHS500CN

Tightening completion signal eliminates missed tightening that frequently causes defective joints:

  • Torque screwdriver with wired limit switch (RTDLS) or with wireless FM transmitter (RTDFHS)
  • As part of a torque verification system the screwdriver sends out signal for each completed click either by limit switch and cable or by wireless FM transmitter.
  • Special internal structure prevents the cord from intertwining.
  • Can be connected to CNA-4mk2 (count checker) to create tightening count management system.
  • Establish interlock system at assembly line by connecting the signals from limit switch to extend devices such as PLC.


Model No. RTDFHS500CN
Torque Range
100 - 500/5
in. lbs/Graduation
Overall Length
mm ~ in. 212 ~ 8- 11/32"
Weight Approx.
g ~ oz 540 ~ 19



  • The curl cord can be extended to about 2m in full extension.
  • The female connector is sold separately.
  • Limit switch specification is AC/DC30V below 1A.
  • FHS version requires R-FH256MC Reciever
  • Preset Version also available RNTDLS/RNTDFHS
  • *FHS version is not yet available for North, Central, and South America. Please contact our office for product availability updates.
  • RTDFHS with FM transmitter (wireless)

    RTDFHS Side View:

    Blue light confirms signal sent and received by R-FH252 Reciever

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