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RAD Pneumatic Series Wheel Nut Bolting & OTR Mining PN 15DX-NX

RAD Pneumatic Series Wheel Nut Bolting & OTR Mining PN 15DX-NX

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RAD Wheel Nut Features:

  • RAD planetary gear reduction wrenches are vibration free
  • High accuracy to prevent accidentally under or over tightening
  • Numerous configurations are ideal for tight clearances
  • Extended reaction point for safe and quick operation
  • Accuracy to ensure correct tightened wheels

The fixed nose extension (-R)
The fixed nose extension (-R) was developed exclusively for extreme duty maintenance of mining haul trucks from 50-400 ton capacities and front-end loaders. The extended nose allows safe access of virtually all wheel configurations found on today’s heavy equipment.

The nose extension kit (-NX)
The nose extension kit (-NX) was designed with flexibility in mind. Complete with 3 different reaction arms and a nose extension for hard-to-reach areas, the GX-NX Kit is a go anywhere tool capable of a variety of applications but especially suitable for off-road construction equipment.


300-1500 ft/lbs. 10


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