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Powermaster PST Series Topside Bolt Tensioner Plus Adaptor (P/N PST-01-A1-0.14)

Powermaster PST Series Topside Bolt Tensioner Plus Adaptor (P/N PST-01-A1-0.14)

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Powermaster PST Series Topside Bolt Tensioner Plus Adaptor  (P/N PST-01-A1-0.14)


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  • Versatile Design: The PST Series standard variable tensioners are designed to provide a wide range of flexibility, covering stud sizes from 3/4” to 5.3/4” (M-16 to M-150). Different stud sizes are accommodated by the same load cell by simply changing the adaptor kit consisting of Threaded Puller, Bridge and Nut Driver.
  • High Strength Aircraft Quality Alloy Steel: The PST Series tensioners operate at a maximum pressure of 1500 Bar and are manufactured from high strength AISI 4340 alloy steel parts for long lasting trouble free performance.
  • Stroke Indicator: The PST Series tensioners have and an exceptional stroke of 15 mm. The Integral Stroke Indicator allows the piston stroke to be viewed while tensioning is in progress. A Red line on piston indicates an over stoke ensuring safe operation.
  • Safe Design in event of Piston ‘Over Stroke’: The PST series tensioners are designed so that in event of overstroke the high pressure fluid will be released from the inner side of the load cell, thus saving the operator from any potential exposure.
  • Multi Tensioning: The PST Series load cell is provisioned with two connections and this acts as a manifold for multi tensioning applications. By using high pressure link hoses, any number of bolt tensioners can be connected and used simultaneously. This ensures equal tightening of all bolts on the flange and reduces work time.
  • Anti Roll, Composite Material Seals: All PST Tensioners are fitted with Anti Roll, Composite Material seals for longer life and high reliability. The seals used have a low coefficient of friction so that the piston can be returned to a closed position with minimal effort. PST Series tensioners can be provided with machined PU (poly urethane) seals if requested by the customer.
  • Floating Piston: The unique piston design allows 2º tilt without any loss of load, preventing piston seizure or damage to piston bore.


Model Number Load Cell PST-01
Adaptor A1-0.14
Bolt Size 7/8"
Max Load 38.1 Ton
339 Kn
Hyd Area 2257 mm²
O.D 84mm
Min Pitch 53mm
Relief "B" 30mm
Height "A" 84mm
Clearance "B" 153mm
Weight 1.4kg

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