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Packers kromer Types 7235 - Medium-Duty Zero Gravity Balancer Optionally with Ratchet Lock PN 7235-1

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The zero-gravity balancer model 7235 is an economy version below the full featured 7241 model. A cable extension of 2.0 m (6.5 ft) enables users to cover larger working areas and load setting is done conveniently via ascrew mechanism allowing continuous adjustment. Unlike other models, this economy unit is limited when it comes to ability to replace individual parts. These balancers still comes with a range of safety components as standard features, which include a safety detent to safeguard against a broken spring and a secondary safety chain.


ID No. w/o Ratchet Lock 7235 0000 01
ID No. with Ratchet Lock 7236 0000 01
Load Range (kg) 15.0 - 25.0
Load Range (lbs) 33.1 - 55.1
Cable Travel (m) 2.0
Cable Travel (ft) 6.6

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