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Packers kromer Type 7261 - Heavy-Duty Zero Gravity Balancer PN 7261-4

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With a load-carrying capacity of up to 300 kg (662 lb), the 7261 model is the “champion” of our range of heavy-duty and ultra-heavy-duty zero gravity balancers. In fact, this type series is unrivaled all over the world in terms of load capacity. Being an advanced version of the 7251, this model similarly combines high operational safety and durability with perfectly easy and safe servicing as a result of continuous and systematic implementation of relevant safety requirements. Due to its extremely rugged design, this model is bound to function reliably and with supreme durability even under the toughest operating conditions. The integrated safety functions protect users reliably against injuries and help to prevent costly production losses. The operating ranges are optimally structured as a result of practical experience gained over many years. Thanks to the modular design and the fully encapsulated suspension spring, it is possible to change the load range quickly by simply exchanging the spring cartridge. Load adjustment is done conveniently via a continuously adjustable endless screw. What’s more, the patented freewheeling device integrated as standard prevents inadvertent spring damage during load setting. With a cable travel of 1.5 m (4.9 ft), this balancer provides ample range to cover even large working areas. The cable length can be continuously adapted to specific applications via the cable wedge. Potential overload of the cable mount is reliably prevented by the integrated cable extension limit stop. The cable drum and the deflection pulley are fitted with multiple ball bearings for ease of operation and a long life. The 7261 model comes with swivel-type suspension. To minimize wear, this suspension hook can be optimally adjusted to its center of gravity.


ID No. 7261 0800 04
Load Range (kg) 225.0 - 250.0
Load Range (lbs) 496.0 - 551.2
Cable Travel (m) 1.5
Cable Travel (ft) 4.92

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