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Packers kromer Type 7231- Medium-Duty Zero Gravity Balancer Optionally with Ratchet Lock PN 7231-6

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The balancer model 7231 has been optimized for applications where it is used. In spite of its light-weight design, it easily masters even rough jobs involving a high cable extension rate in daily operation. Whether it is used for simple weight compensation or for extreme applications such as retaining robot hose packages, the 7231 type series meets any requirements encountered within its load range. A cable extension of 2.0 m (6.5 ft) enables users to cover larger working areas. Load setting is done conveniently via a screw mechanism allowing continuous adjustment. These balancer models come with a whole range of safety components as standard features. This includes a secondary safety chain, a safety detent to safeguard against spring breakage, and a screw-type spring hook for load suspension. The cable is continuously adjustable in length so it can be easily and optimally adapted to specific working needs.


ID No. with Ratchet Lock 7231 0000 06
ID No. w/o Ratchet Lock 7230 0000 06
Load Range (kg) 16.0 - 21.0
Load Range (lbs) 35.3 - 46.3
Cable Travel (m) 2.0
Cable Travel (ft) 6.6

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