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Kolver PLUTO3R/N Standard PLUTO3D with ANGHD11 attached

Kolver PLUTO3R/N Standard PLUTO3D with ANGHD11 attached

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Kolver Pluto 3R/N Torque Range: 2.6 to 26.50 in/lbs

The PLUTO operates by setting a torque and RPM profile on a controller, validated back to a separate transducer or torque tester. As a result a controller is necessary for the tool to operate (purchased separately).

The torque profile includes the following parameter steps (units available for single and multi-torque applications):

  • slow start
  • adjustable speed
  • soft or hard joint option
  • high speed rundown
  • slow speed tightening to manage the moment of intertia
  • automatic reverse at cycle end
  • elapsed time auto-stop

Torque Range: 2.6 to 25 in/lbs RPM Range: 400 - 1200 RPM Screw Size: M5 Voltage: 40 VDC Dimensions: 8.50 Weight: 1.3 lbs. Start Option: Lever Housing Option: In-Line ESD: Safe Time Control: Standard RPM Control: Standard Screw Counting: Optional Profile Sequencing: Optional Parameter Sets: Eight (8) Optional 


Kolver 2012 Catalog.pdf

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