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Kolver K-DUCER Power Supply and Controller PN KDU-1B

Kolver K-DUCER Power Supply and Controller PN KDU-1B

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The KDU-1 Series of controllers give you full control of your fastening operation in an industry-leading compact size.

  • Touch screen color display 
  • Multiple programs and sequences 
  • Intuitive programming interface
  • Precise torque and angle control 
  • Graphs output
  • Perfect integration with Industry 4.0

The KDU-1 units provide unmatched performance and value.
Set-up and operation are really an easy task.

The power unit comes in two versions depending on the functionality level required.
The KDU-1 basic unit features total job options and includes serial and USB ports.
In addition to it, the KDU-1A advanced controllers have full communication capability using any communication system of your choice.
Units may be programmed either through the touch screen or via a PC software. KDU controllers will operate all KDS Series of tools.

Features as KDU-1A + to be used with Any bus CompactCom™ modules

Model KDU-1B
Code 035001/B


It also control the torque of any KDS electric screwdrivers with transducer, available straight, pistol and fixture configuration. 

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