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Kolver EDU1FR/ACE Screw Counter

Kolver EDU1FR/ACE Screw Counter

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Consists of:

  • EDU1FR/SG Controller
  • ACE Screw Counter

The ACE screw counter is a process control system that monitors the fastening assembly process. It tracks, in real time, the fastening of each screw in an assembly, then notifies the result. It keeps a summary of good and complete assemblies as well as of bad and incomplete ones throughout the production day.

This unit can be used with any screwdriver with a remote enable and disable function.

The ACE is easily programmed with user interface screens through the keypad. Walk through a few simple steps to input the parameters for total number of fasteners required in a completed assembly and the fastening process can begin. The unit gives the operator audible and visual indications that the assembly has been completed without error and it is safe to move on to the next process step or if it has been rejected.

  • ACE includes the screw counter + cable for connection to the control unit
  • 4 different programs can be stored and run in automatic sequence
  • Separate displays for parameters setting and fasteners count
  • OK & Error lights
  • Program Min and Max fastening time
  • I/O signals
  • Password protected
  • Wall mountable

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