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Kolver EDU1AE/LTP Pluto Control Unit

Kolver EDU1AE/LTP Pluto Control Unit

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The Kolver EDU1AE/LTP "Low Torque" Precision DC-Electric Torque Control Unit:


This system allows parameters to be set up to control the torque and RPM profile for one program. The system is set up through a LCD display on the front of the unit. Changes to the parameters are preformed by scrolling through the settings using four buttons.

The Torque Level is set as a percentage of the tools torque range. After you choose a torque level percentage, the resulting torque must be validated back to an external transducer or torque tester. The stiffness of your joint will have an impact on the resulting torque. For this reason you must know how much rotation is in the tightening portion of your joint and the corresponding settings for Hard or Soft joint should be set accordingly. See our blog or call us for details.

  • One controller only for a torque range from 2 to 15 Nm
  • RPM control for slow start, run down speed and slow speed tightening
  • Soft or hard joint parameter settings
  • Automatic reverse at cycle end possible
  • Autostop on elapsed time
  • Driver on (trigger start) and off (torque reached) outputs
  • Start and reverse inputs
  • Low noise level, only 55 dBA, low weight, only 0.5 kg


Torque Range: 18 - 130 in/lbs
RPM Range: 100 - 600
Voltage: 110V
Dimensions: 7.4" x 5" x 3.8"
Weight: 6.95
Repeatability: Joint/profile dependent
Time Control: Standard
RPM Control: Standard
Current Control: Yes


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