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Kolver EDU 1FR Electric Screwdriver Control Unit

Kolver EDU 1FR Electric Screwdriver Control Unit

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The Kolver EDU1FR is our most popular control unit for FAB & RAF Screwdrivers. These control units feature maintenance free state-of-the-art electronics with no wearing components and a circuit design suitable for lever start and push-to-start drivers as well as protection against current overload up to 10A. This design results in very low current to the drivers start switch and clutch switch to extend the life of the screwdriver indefinitely.

Features review
  • Suitable to universal supply from 90 to 260 V ac 50/60 hz
  • Slow start (0-2 seconds) and RPM (60% to 100%)
  • Visual indicators (green-red) for power on/off and clutch action
  • Reduced weight (1.33 lbs) and compact size for easy placement
  • M12 waterproof connector with silver and gold contacts for perfect conductivity
  • A double output connector (DOCK01) is also available for operators using two screwdrivers in the same work area. One Screwdriver is powered at a time making this option perfect when two torque setting are required on the same job.


Torque Range: Screwdriver based
RPM Range: 60% - 100% of Screwdriver Spec.
Voltage: 110V
Dimensions: 5.45
Weight: 1.33 lbs.


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