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Koken USA 1/2in Sq. Dr. Socket Thin Wall 12 Point (P/N 14406A-3/4)

Koken USA 1/2in Sq. Dr. Socket Thin Wall 12 Point (P/N 14406A-3/4)

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Koken USA 1/2" Sq. Dr. Socket Thin Wall 12 Point (P/N 14401A-3/4)



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12-point (double-hexagonal) configurations: 12-point sockets can be used on square nuts and fasteners, and also offer double the amount of starting points. The design is normally only used for general purpose applications because it can greatly increase the chance of rounding or slipping off a nut or fastener. 12-points are preferred however because that are faster and more versatile to use than standard 6-points.

Ko-ken design improvements:


In 1976 Ko-ken applied for a Patent for a new 12-point design that reduced the angle of the conventional opening from 150 to 148 inorder to improve the gripping zone of the socket teeth and their effectiveness of the nuts and bolts.

In 1986 Ko-ken combine a rounded off profile in the opening with the 148 tooth angle. This additonal design improvment transfers more torque onto the flanks of the nut or bolt instead of the corners.


3/4" 1/2" Drive

D1 mm/in.

D2 mm/in. I mm/in. L mm/in.

26.7mm 1-3/16"

29mm 1-9/64" 13mm 33/64" 38mm 1-1/2"


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