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Ingersoll Rand Dwell Control Kit PN 41729

Ingersoll Rand Dwell Control Kit PN 41729

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The 41729 Dwell Control Kit is a complete, easily installed control accessory for pneumatic and electric ARO Automatic Feed Drills. It provides an adjustable, precisely timed pause, or dwell, at the end of the forward stroke. The range of the dwell interval, prior to retraction, is from .10 to 10 seconds.

Depth control for ARO Automatic Feed Drills is achieved through the use of a positive-stop adjustment screw. The addition of the dwell control is desirable for countersinking and cleanup applications.

The 41729 Dwell Control Kit may be used on any of the drill models listed in the chart.


Models Bant-A-Matic Par-A-Matic Super Par-A-Matic
8245 8255 8265
8248 8258 8268
- 8266 -


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