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Ingersoll Rand ARO Par-A-Matic Series Service Kit PN 41325

Ingersoll Rand ARO Par-A-Matic Series Service Kit PN 41325

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ARO Service Kits are a convenient and economical way to perform in-house preventative maintenance and minimize tool repair downtime. Service Kits are available for nearly all model ARO Automatic Machining Tools. Each kit contains all of the replacement parts needed to properly perform preventative maintenance on a tool to keep it operating "like new". They also serve as an easy method to manage and organize spare parts inventory.

Each part in the service kit is individually wrapped and identified, and packaged in an easy-to-store clearly labeled box. The appropriate tool service manual, parts list, spindle oil and grease are also included.





All 8255-A Drills
All 8256-C Tappers
All 8257-A Tappers
All 8258-C Twin Drills
All 8266-A Offset Drills
All 8355-A Drills
All 8360-A Peck Drills


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