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HIOS Model SS-4000 SS-Series Special Application DC Screwdriver (Item # 64286)

HIOS Model SS-4000 SS-Series Special Application DC Screwdriver (Item # 64286)

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HIOS Model SS-4000 SS-Series Special Application


  • Use for sensitive assemblies such as hard drives, LCD's, high density boards
  • #10 screws (5.0 mm) and smaller
  • Full torque while tool is in reverse makes these tools ideal for rework applications
  • Unique ergonomic clutch delivers less torque reaction to operator
  • Tamper-resistant torque nut standard on Models SS-6500 & SS-7000; optional on SS-3000 & SS-4000 Models.
  • 6 ft detachable cord.

Shock-Absorbing Screwdrivers

  • 80% less impact
  • Less torque reaction
  • 0.17 to 17.5 lbf·in
  • 1/4 in. hex or 4.0 mm drive
  • Lever start
  • Available in small, medium and standard size tools

Light Spring Type

  • Blue

Heavy Spring Type

  • Red


Model Number SS-4000
Item Number 64286
Drive Size 4 mm
Driver Type Inline
Operation Lever Start
Torque .9-3.9
N.m .1-.45 1-4.5
Approximate RPM
Length in. 7.5
Dia. in. 1-1/8
Weight oz. 14



  • DC Screwdrivers Require a power supply 65700 PS-55 Single Tool Control Power Supply
  • Not ESD safe
  • Standard brushes
  • two cross recess bits supplied
  • T-70BL and PS-55 and power supplies have ground paths to electrical ground.
  • Most DC Electric Screwdrivers May be Available with ESD Safe Housings.
  • DC Screwdrivers Require a Power supply.
  • Most DC electric screwdrivers may be available eith ESD safe housing


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