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EL506-SA Standard Duty Smart-Arm for in-line electric tools

EL506-SA Standard Duty Smart-Arm for in-line electric tools

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Standard Duty Smart-Arm for in-line electric tools

EL506-SA 550 in-lbs (62 Nm) Standard Duty Smart-Arm for in-line electric tools 5 lbs (2.25 Kg) UVTH included

Vertical Torque Range: 0-550 in-lbs ( 62 Nm)
Horizontal Torque Range: 0 – 275 in-lbs (31 Nm)
Tool Weight: 0-5 lbs. ( 2.7 kg)
Max Reach: 34 3/4 inches (883 mm)
Min Reach: 11 1/2 inches (292 mm)
Supply Hose: Braided Polyurethane 5/16” ID

(Additional tool holder options available.)
Shipping Weight: 23 lbs
Air Requirements: filtered, dry air 80 psi, 125 psi max.
(OK to add lubricator ahead of PA506 if your air tool requires lubrication.




ETA Smart-Arms can be used with DC electric tools or auto-shut-off-clutch air tools by enabling power (electric control signal or compressed air supply) to the fastener tool. The position feedback provided can be used to control when the tool should be enabled for either electric or pneumatic in- line or right-angle drivers. No modification to the driver tool is required.

Smart-Arms equipped with absolute rotary encoders are available for shipment now for integration into purchaser’s process control system by use of their own PLC or PC. Air tool models come with a built-in 24 V DC Solenoid Valve and Feedback Signal Kit so that integrator’s 24 V DC output can supply voltage to enable the air tool only when sequence and/or position are correct and then monitor the fastener rundown time via our flow-actuated electrical contacts.

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