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Delta Regis ECT3A-SSO Slow-Start and Output Signal Module

Delta Regis ECT3A-SSO Slow-Start and Output Signal Module

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Part Number : ECT3A-SSO has changed or product is discontinued,
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Add Slow-Start and Output Signal capability to your Delta Regis 32V DC electric screwdrivers. This external control module plugs in-line between the 32V DC power supply / controller and electric screwdriver to provide adjustable Slow-Start control and Output Signal capability.

  • Adjustable Slow-Start time from 0 to 3 seconds
  • Adjustable Slow-Start speed from 30 to100 percent of full speed
  • Bypass switch allows you to bypass slow-start when desired
  • Dry contact relay terminal provides clutch-out signal (useful in automated and counting operations)
  • small size (58x95x35 mm)

The ECT3A-SSO can be used with the following power supply / controllers: ECT326; ECT326V

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