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Cleco Pistol Trigger Start Clecomatic Clutch 19PTA04Q

Cleco Pistol Trigger Start Clecomatic Clutch 19PTA04Q

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Cleco Pistol Trigger Start Clecomatic Clutch 19PTA04Q





With Std. Spring




Length Weight
Max Tq Min Tq Max Tq MinTq
inlbs Nm inlbs Nm inlbs Nm inlbs Nm in mm lbs kg


4.3 10 1.1


4.5 10 1.1


8 204



Whatever your application, consider it done
We set out to design the most accurate, longest-lasting, most userfriendly screwdriver family on the market. Our widespread configurations and applications ensure that you will find the ideal screwdriver or nutrunner.
Designed for the most demanding jobs
Continuously improving end-product quality is evermore critical. The Cleco 19 Series is engineered for the most demanding fastening applications where accuracy, repeatability, and durability are held to the strictest standard. Imagine what the Cleco 19 Series can do for you.
Adding value to your business
With a new powertrain design, the Cleco 19 Series tools have reached a new milestone in performance and accuracy. This, combined with legendary Cleco reliability, means you will have the sustained power to get it right the first time, every time.
Designed with the operator in mind
A soft-touch grip is integrated into the new handle design to provide superior protection from temperature, chemicals, vibration, and slip. What’s more, Cleco 19 Series pistol tools offer two interchangeable handle sizes to bring comfort to a wider array of operators. These features, plus reduced weight and a balanced design, will raise productivity, tool flexibility, and reduce maintenance costs

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