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ATP 91200-DC Air Hoist (PN ATP 91200-DC)

ATP 91200-DC Air Hoist (PN ATP 91200-DC)

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ATP Air Hoist

Chain Hoists - 500 to 4000 lb. Capacity


The ATP 91200 extra heavy-duty hoist is designed to lift raw or processed materials in steel manufacturing plants, heavy assemblies in automobile, truck, tractor factories, aircraft, aerospace industries, heavy machinery manufacture, petrochemical plants and food processing operations.

  • Self-locking worm gear design eliminates the need for brakes. The worm gear stops and holds loads securely when air flow to motor stops never requires any adjustments
  • Heat-treated alloy steel chain provides strength and flexibility
  • Powerful ATP air motor provides positive high-torque starting characteristics
  • All rotating parts supported on antifriction bearings for smooth operations
  • Housing of sectioned aluminum "Techalloy" castings provide extra strength and durability
  • Automatic, adjustable limit stops prevent over-travel, even at fastest speeds
  • Withstands constant stopping, starting and stalling - without damage or overheating
  • Operator speed control - for precise load spotting
  • Remote pendant control - available in all sizes
  • Standard safety cable attachment points provides secure installation
Part Number/Model ATP  91200-DC
Controller Pull Chain
Rated Capacity 500 lbs        227 kg  
Power 3.89 hp 2900 W
Hook Speed 44 ft./min    12.8 m/mm
Length Hook Travel 15 ft.           4.6 mm 
Weight 60 lbs         27.3 kg   
Wheel max. capacity 6" 150 mm
Height 7.48" 190 mm
Min. hose size 5/8 15



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