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ATP 3347-5KB Riveting Hammer (PN ATP 3347-5KB)

ATP 3347-5KB Riveting Hammer (PN ATP 3347-5KB)

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The ATP 3347-5XB Riveting Hammer is used to drive 3/16" Dural and 1/4" Steel rivets used in aircraft maintenance and manufacturing and other assembly operations. This riveting hammer can be used for a variety of metal cutting, peening, chipping and driving applications (including large nails). The Aero Cycling valve delivers slow, heavy blows necessary to drive medium-size rivets. 


Part Number/Model ATP  3347-5KB
Beats Per Minute (BPM) 1560
Bore x Stroke (Inches) .750" x 2-11/16"  
Power 3.89 hp 2900 W
Type of tool Riveting Hammer
Chisel Size .498
Wheel max. capacity 6" 150 mm
Weight 4.75 lbs 2.2 kg 
Diameter 6" 150 mm
Length 8-5/16" 227 mm 
Weight 9.7 lb 4.4 kg
Airframe Number  5XB  
Length - -
Capacity Dural 3/16" Steel 1/4"
Height 7.48" 190 mm
Min. hose size 5/8 15


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