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ATP 2RB Hammer Heavy Duty (PN ATP 2RB)

ATP 2RB Hammer Heavy Duty (PN ATP 2RB)

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ATP - Air Chipping Hammers

ATP air hammers and chipping hammers are economically advanced in design, with a "HEAVY DUTY" alloy aluminum handle. ATP's air chipping hammer's crisp smooth valve operation produces extra hard hitting power, while our heat treated alloy steel cylinder and piston provide long life. Available in the popular 2"-3"-4" stroke versions with either Hex or Round chisel bushing and in either Alloy Aluminum or Steel Handle.  Favored by contractors and Industrial users alike, this new ATP Chipping hammer sets new standards for American made pneumatic tools. ATP Chippers are Ergonomically Advanced in Design, the Ergonomic Closed Grip Handle locates the operator's hand and arm in-line with the chisel for maximum effectiveness and operator comfort. This makes the ATP Chipper easier to handle and more comfortable when used over long periods of time. 


Standard Equipment

  • Oval Collar Retainer P/N 250012-525
  • Spring P/N 250012-529

Optional Equipment:

  • Nozzle Brushing Removal Tool P/N 3CH-931
  • Exhaust Deflector Extension Tool P/N 3CH-932
  • 1/2" Hose Barb Swivel Assembly P/N 3CH-A165 (3/8" NPT)
  • 1/2" Hose Barb Swivel Assembly P/N 3CH-3388 (7/8" x 24)
  • Long Reach Handle Conversion Kit P/N LCH-1A
  • 1/2" Hose Barb Inlet P/N 3CH-46


Thor Products Made in USA



Part Number/Model ATP  2RB
Beats Per Minute (BPM) 2300
Bore x Stroke (Inches) 1.125" x 3"  
Power 3.89 hp 2900 W
Type of tool Pmeumatic Hammer
Chisel Bushing .680 Round
Weight (Aluminum) 13.3 lbs  
Wheel max. capacity 6" 150 mm
Weight (Steel) 17 lbs  
Diameter 6" 150 mm
Length Less Retainer 14"  
Weight 9.7 lb 4.4 kg
Air Inlet 1/2" NPT  
Length - -
Air Consumption 26 cfm  
Height 7.48" 190 mm
Min. hose size 5/8 15


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