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ASG X-PAQ™ Controller for EH2 Series Tool (Model # ASG-EH2-HT40-000NEN)

ASG X-PAQ™ Controller for EH2 Series Tool (Model # ASG-EH2-HT40-000NEN)

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The ASG-EH2-HT40-000NEN X-PAQ™ Controller is compatible with EH2 Series transducerized DC electric screwdrivers and nutrunners. For applications requiring a torque range of 1 to 35 N.m.


  • EH2 Series Controller base model without additional options
  • Torque and angle monitoring and I/O monitoring
  • Built-in simplified PLC functionality allows ladder logic creation, monitoring and storage
  • History and monitoring functions record fastening results, torque curves and system error data as .CSV files which are easily imported into spreadsheets for report creation
  • USB Port for connection to PC and LAN for offsite programming, O/S compatible
  • Fully integrated bar code reader functionality
  • Multi-Spindle Synchronization available to control up to 10 tools 

ASG - A leading innovator in torque controlled DC tools and assembly equipment, ASG specializes in quality torque control and error-proofing products. ASG continually strives to improve ergonomics and worker comfort.

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