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ASG TS-III TS-III Accessory, RJ-II Cable (Item # 66538)

ASG TS-III TS-III Accessory, RJ-II Cable (Item # 66538)

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ASG TS-III TS-III Accessory, RJ-II Cable (Item # 66538) 


  • Visual fastener count
  • Password/keylock protected
  • Accept/Reject lights
  • Audible reject alarm
  • Eight programmable parameters
  • Fault displayed on screen
  • Programmable from keypad or available software
  • Learns the assembly process
  • Relay I/O
  • Built-in power supply
  • Works with ASG CL, A, SS, BL or TL-Series Screwdrivers (BL-Series requires 66519 tool modification)
  • Complete TS-III Qualifier and Screwdriver packages available
  • Auto Switchable input voltage 110/220V 
  • For use with DC Electric Brush and Brushless Screwdrivers
  • Error-proofs your assembly process
  • Monitors the complete assembly process
  • Verification provided when proper installation of all fasteners is complete
  • Automatic set-up

Note: Value-Engineered Model Available.

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