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ASG EZ-9000 Compact Tape Dispenser (Item # 66135)

ASG EZ-9000 Compact Tape Dispenser (Item # 66135)

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ASG EZ-9000 Compact Tape Dispenser (Item # 66135)

Designed for industrial or commercial use Choose from two dispensing modes: "Preset" allows cutting of pre-selected number of pieces; machine stops and buzzer sounds when complete "Loop" allows continuous cutting and dispensing of non-adhesive material up to a designated number Accommodates two different rolls at one time - any size roll without using bobbin - uses flexible tape support Cuts adhesive and non-adhesive protection film, aluminum foil, copper foil, insulation material and more! Safety function and design Dual photo sensor LED provides machine status Counter for number of cuts Comes complete with tweezers and oil Multi-voltage feature. 

Model No.   EZ-9000
Item No.   66135
Size 8.5x4.5x5.5 in. 21.6x11.43x14 cm
Tape Width .236-2.36 in. 6-60 mm
Cut Length .169-39 in. 5-999 mm
Max. Outside Dia. Tape Roll 11.81 in. 300 mm
Weight 5.5 lbs 2.5 kg
Auto Feed   Yes
Rolls of Tape   1 or 2
Double Sided   No
ESD Safe   Yes


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