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Airetool Cutter Feed Assist CF-150/500 (PN 5523443)

Airetool Cutter Feed Assist CF-150/500 (PN 5523443)

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Airetool Power Assist Tube Cutter

 Increase your productivity with the Airetool Cutter Feed Assist. The Cutter Feed Assist is designed to aid the Airetool

 PIC Push Type Tube Cutters for OD tube sizes of 5/8" through 1" (15.9-25.4mm). Powered by Cleco® Series DPV-

135 variable speed drills foroptimum tube cutting speed. Constant pressure on tube cutting surface increases tool bit life,

less time cutting tubes and less time changing bits.

*Independent cutter bit feed trigger for operator safety.

*Positive feed stop controls tube cutting depth.

*Easy operation reduces operator fatigue, increasing productivity.

*RPM speed control dial on powerful CLECO drills

accommodates various tube sizes and materials for

*Simple tube cutter size changeover for easy set up.

*Compact design allows the Cutter Feed Assist easier access to confined areas.

optimum tube cutting speed, increasing your productivity saving you valuable time and money.


Part Number

Stock Number


CF-150/500 5523443 150 - 500



See selection chart below*. Select the Airetool Cutter Feed Assist that corresponds to tube sizes and tube material.



Tube O.D.

5/8" (16mm) 3/4" (19mm) 7/8" (22mm) 1" (25mm)
Stainless CF-150/500
Titanium CF-500/500





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