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ZCR030A15 Alligator Yoke Compression Riveter

ZCR030A15 Alligator Yoke Compression Riveter

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Zipp Air PN ZCR030A15 Compression Rivet Squeezer-Single Cylinder ("Alligator" Yoke Riveters)


  • For squeezing a large variety of size and type of rivets.
  • Strong squeeze action is easily controlled to provide uniformity and accuracy of work.
  • Ideally used for dimpling, punching and pressing.
  • Extra powerful, portable tandem cylinder also available with double the compressive force for large riveting capacity.
Rivet Capacity Diameter Alum 1/8(3.17)
Steel 3/32(2.36)
Standard Yoke Dimensions Reach 1-1/2(38.1)
Max Force lb(KN) 3000(13.35)
Set Holder Max Travel 5/8(15.9)
Stroke at Max Power 0.05(1.3)
Overall Length inch(mm) 9-3/16(230)
Weight lbs(kgs) 3.75(1.7)

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