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Airetool Air Motor Model Number 1050-250 (PN 8404280)

Airetool Air Motor Model Number 1050-250 (PN 8404280)

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Airetrol Air Driven Motor

Airetool motors control expansion by accurate measurement of torque. They automatically stop expansion accurately according to predetermined setting.This prevents over- and under- expansion of tubes, assuring uniformly tight tube joints, providing maximum holding strength for individual tubes. Strong, lightweight aluminum housings provide easier handling and less fatigue. Rugged drive combines precision control which measures torque output. All AIRETROLs include torque sensing cams designed and manufactured specifically for tube expanding applications.


Model Number 1050-250
Part Number 8404280
Free Speed RPM 220
Maximum/ Minimum Torque 109.9 to 14.3 In. Lbs
(149 to 19.4Nm)
Overall Length 18"
457 mm
Weight 27 lbs
12.25 Kg
Side to Center 15/16"
Operating Hose 3/4"
CFM @90psig* 56
Square Drive 3/4"
Tube Capacities 2-1/2"
Chucks** 3/4-1" QC incl.
3/8-1/2" QC opt.


 * Varies depending on tube material, gauge, and tube sheet thickness.

 ** Ensures chuck matches mandrel or expander.

+ Order 8405512 for 720-1800B with 3/8" Q.C. chuck.

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