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Acradyne IEC353 Controller

Acradyne IEC353 Controller

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Features and benefits

  • Data Storage — Standard units store 2,040 rundowns. 10,000,000 rundowns or more are possible with advanced network capable units.
  • ToolWare — Custom designed software application means no licensing fees.
  • Backwards Compatible — Works with any AcraDyne® DC tool.
  • Parameter Set Select and Indication — Change operations and clear indication of your current operations with one button.
  • External Port Software Updates — Plug-in capability for software updates.
  • Tool Calibration Routines — Stores the calibration directly in the tool’s memory for easy plug and play into any AcraDyne controller.
  • Rundown Storage — Data stored for the last 2048 rundowns can be viewed as raw data or graphed with statistical information. This data can also be saved in .csv format and opened directly with MicroSoft® Excel or other programs.
  • Programmable Torque Filter Frequency — Satisfies customer specific filter requirements.
  • Programmable Calibration and Service Interval Alerts — Configure alerts to indicate service or calibration due for a tool based on number of cycles or months since the last service or calibration.
  • Real Time Clock — For time and date stamping, rundown information and other logged data.
  • Bar Code Scanning.
  • Network Capabilities — Capable of interfacing with plant controls.
  • Graphing Capabilities — To track and monitor tightening strategies.
  • Multiple Fastening Strategies — Program up to 32 parameter sets to handle 32 different torques and types of joints or link them for multi-step capabilities.
  • Connection Capabilities — Connects with Parallel (legacy), USB or Ethernet.

Network Capabilities and Advanced Features

  • Network Compatible with the following protocols: PROFIBUS, DeviceNET, Open Protocol, Modbus TCP and PFCS.
  • 10 Million Rundown Storage Capacity.
  • Data Retrieval using standard FTP methods.
  • Toolware management software accessible through Ethernet and is port selectable.
  • Real time ascii text string of data accessible through Ethernet port.
  • Static IP addressable.
  • Parameter selection can be made through serial port and/or through use of bar code

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