Mountz Torque Lab LTT 2100 Torque Tester 1-10 inlb torque range (PN68400)

Vendor: Mountz


Mountz LTT 2100 Series - The mountz LTT10i Torque Lab features a built in transducer (accuracy .5% of reading) to analyze and set torque for hand torque wrenches, screwdrivers and power tools. Key Features: six operation modes; track, peak initial peak audit, spindle audit and torque/angle, operator selectable engineering units, stores 5000 data points, accepts external transducers for both force and dynamic torque and angle data. 120/240VAC, battery power, USB port for data retrieval. 1 to 10 inlb torque range, 1/4" F/Sq PN 68400