Dotco 10L1200-36 12,000 RPM right angle die grinder, front exhaust .3 hp (PN 10L1200-36)

Vendor: Dotco
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Dotco 10L1200-36 right angle grinder is superb for a wide range of finishing and deburring applications. Hp=.3(.22kw), front exhaust, 12,000 RPM Abrasive capacity=1/2" Carbide Bur, 1" Mtd. wheel. Weight=1.1lb, OAL=6.3", 1/4" air inlet, uses 300 series collet=1/4", composite housing. Standard equipment: applicable collet,collet wrench, PN 10L1200-36 made in Ohio USA


NOTE: The 10L1200-36 has been replaced by the 10LF200-36