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Uryu|Aimco Pulse tools

How does a pulse tool work?
A pulse tool combines the speed of an impact with the repeatability of a shut-off nutrunner.

  • A sealed chamber is filled with hydraulic fluid
  • As the chamber rotates after seating, the hydraulic pressure generated produces torque to tighten the fastener
  • The fluid also absorbs the torque reaction, noise and vibration for increased ergonomics

Why so many types of pulse tools?

Since your applications are as varied as the industries we serve, AIMCO offers several series of tools to provide the best match for your application and priorities.

Utilize our 260 years of combined field experience to ensure the right fit for you. Even for similar applications, your priorities will differ.

Whether your prime concern is productivity, ergonomics, reliability, or quality, we have the product and the expertise to select the right equipment for the right job. Let us help you today!

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