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Uni-Tilt Lift & Tilt Tables

Designed to position containers within easy reach of assembly line workers and machine operators.  This unique design reduces fatigue by minimizing repetitive bending and stretching required to obtain components from containers. 96" x 48" unit accommodates (2) 48" x 48" containers, ideal for parts transfer and assembly.  Platform includes a 12" high lip on tilt side. A selector pedal allows the operator to lift while tilting or tilt, then lift. 2HP, three phase, 60 Hz totally enclosed motor is standard, other voltages available.  Other standard features include: a two-button handheld control, integrated maintenance lock, pressure plated pump, pressure compensated flow valve, lowering valve, independent oil return, and an adjustable upward travel limit switch. Internal power unit standard.  Unit must be lagged to floor

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