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Powermaster Hydraulic Flange Spreader (P/N FS-100)

Powermaster Hydraulic Flange Spreader (P/N FS-100)

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Powermaster Hydraulic Flange Spreader (P/N FS-100)

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Hydraulic Flange Spreaders are used for safety opening pipe flanges. Available in capacities of 5 tonnes and 10 tonners the versatility of both models enables the user to open flanges up to 92mm thick. operated with a standard hydraulic hand pump and conncting hose and supplied in a handy steel storage case, Hydraulic Flange Spreaders can be operated individually, or as a pair when opening large diameter flanges. With Hydraulic Flange Spreaders it takes minutes open the toughest flanges without the risks of sparks caused by hammer blows and chisels.

Model FS-100
A 110mm
B 290mm
C Min/Max 61/226mm
D 10mm
E 165mm
F 89mm
G 180mm
H 38mm
I 274mm
J 31mm
Cap. tonnes 10
Stroke mm 55
Oil Cap. cm3 78
Max. Flange Thickness 2 x 93
Flange Dia. mm/(in.) 1900mm (75")
Stud Size 32-41mm
Standard Wedge 3-29mm
Optional Wedge 30-56mm

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