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Powermaster Elecric Driven Auto Cycle Hydraulic Pump (P/N CP1000)

Powermaster Elecric Driven Auto Cycle Hydraulic Pump (P/N CP1000)

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Powermaster Elecric Driven Auto Cycle Hydraulic Pump (P/N CP1000)


Hydraulic torque wrenches are only as efficient as the hydraulic unit that make them perform. Powermaster has invested to
evolve its hydraulic units to the highest standards of pump design and solid state electronics, to give you a unit that is
unmatched in performance. It combines high flow, low heat generation and an auto cycle feature all in a very compact
and light weight design.

The latest CP units use a Hawe Pump and Siemens solid state circuitry to control all operations. They are available in 230V
and 110V versions in both a vertical and horizontal configuration. Pictures above are of the vertical configuration. They are
also available with an optimal digital pressure gauge and tool selector to give you the optimum operating speed depending on
your tool of choice.



  • Air Oil Cooler for high performance.
  • Controlled via low voltage remote control that is available in different lengths and versions. Remote Control Pendant
    allows operation in “Auto Cycle” or “Torque Cycle” modes.
  • Visual Temperature Strips ( 60° C - 90° C).
  • Analog or Digital pressure gauges assure the highest possible read out and adjustment precision.
  • Includes automatic advance and retract stroke control for greater comfort.
  • Plug-in couplings.
  • Highly precise pressure setting valves.
  • Automated pressure relief valve makes connection of the tool easier.
  • Safety Interlock: If the unit is kept running idle without pressurizing for more than 60 seconds, the unit is switched OFF
    automatically. To start the unit again, the START button (Push Button 1) has to be pressed.
  • Temperature Interlock: If the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises above 80° C, power pack switches off automatically.
  • Offers great reliability and high speed


Safety Features

  1. Rugged and secure roll cage.
  2. Removable PSI / Bar Pressure Gauge.
  3. Hawe Pump.
  4. 1-10 kW fully enclosed motor.
  5. Enclosed fully solid state electronics.
  6. Heavy duty low voltage remote control pendant.
  7. 4:1 safety quick connect couplers.
  8. Supplied with 15ft. long dual non conductive hoses with 4:1 safety factor




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  • Main Voltage                     230 V 50Hz
  • Solenoid Voltage              VAC 230
  • Main Consumption           A 7.20
  • Motor Capacity                  kW 1.10
  • Protected According to   IP 54 
  • Nominal Pressure            10-700bar


  • 1st Stage                            lpm  8.65 lpm  (70bar)
  • 2st Stage                            lpm  1 lpm (700 bar)
  • Tank Volume                     6 litre
  • Usable Volume                 3 litre
  • Oil Type                               ISO VG 68


  • Weight without oil            Kg 38


  • L x W x H                             580 x 285 x 480mm

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