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Powermaster Air Operated Bolt Tensioner Hydraulic Pump (P/N PU-AH-1500)

Powermaster Air Operated Bolt Tensioner Hydraulic Pump (P/N PU-AH-1500)

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Powermaster Air Operated Bolt Tensioner Hydraulic Pump (P/N PU-AH-1500)


The PU-AH-1500 air operated pumps are designed and manufactured in collaboration with Maximator GmbH, Germany and meet the highest technical and safety requirements of high pressure equipment. Other Models with higher maximum operating pressures, digital pressure gauges and larger hydraulic reservoir capacities are available as per customer requirements.


Technical Features

  • Stainless Steel Frame: The hydraulic unit is installed in a weather proof stainless steel protection frame.
  • Logical Control Panel: Logical layout design engraved for easy operation.
  • Calibrated Pressure Gauge: Calibrated 150mm (6”), liquid filled, SS Frame, 2500 bar rating pressure gauge with dual reading of bar & psi.
  • Complete Air System: System includes FRL Unit, air pressure gauge and control knob for safe air control and supply.
  • Higher Operating Pressure: Pump has max working pressure of 1500 bar to cover all bolt tensioning applications.
  • Light Weight: Unit weighs only 18 Kg and measures 450mm x 340mm x 480mm.
  • Lower Input air Pressure: Higher pressure ratio of 1 : 350 ensures less input air pressure for operation.
  • Quick Connect Outlet: Pump comes fitted with quick connect outlet for easy connection of hydraulic hose.



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  • Pressure Ratio                   1:350
  • Displacement Volume      Cm3   1,3
  • Operating Pressure, Max. ( at 5.1 bar Pre Limited (PL) Air Pressure ) 1.800 bar



Compressed air supply (air drive)

  • System Operating Air Pressure, Max.   5.1bar
  • Safety Valve Set Pressure                       5.5bar


Oil Tank capacity                                                          5 Litre


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