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Pallet Server

The Pallet Master/Servers, are designed to be used when a fork truck is not available. The Pallet Master/Servers can handle pallets and skids both with and without an understructure. Capacity rated is at 18” regardless of fork length. The forks are 36" long for handling a wide variety of pallet sizes. Move the unit around easily on 8" x 3" (8” x 2” locking standard on LL-PMPS) phenolic swivel rear casters Floor lock standard on PMPS series. Handle height is 36”. Outriggers are adjustable on series LL-PMPS, inside straddle width is adjustable between 34” to 50-1/2”. Push buttons to raise and lower lift are located on power unit and hand pendant control on an 8 foot coil cord. DC powered units include one 12V DC battery, an on-board charger and a battery charge indicaor gauge.

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