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Packers Kromer Zero Gravity Tool Balancers

ACKERS KROMER zero gravity balancers are characterized by the conical shape of their cable drum, which guarantees an almost constant retraction force independent of the extension of the load-carrying cable. As a result, the working load remains suspended in the same position after use. Besides, no increasing retraction force acts upon the operator’s hand – a significant advantage particularly for delicate, high-precision tasks. Therefore, using a PACKERS KROMER zero gravity balancer minimizes fatigue and facilitates your work over extended periods of time as well.

  • Smooth work processes
  • Minimized operator fatigue
  • Less wear for employees and machines
  • Extremely high operating safety
  • Very easy servicing
  • Very high durability
  • Fast procurement channels
  • Continuous further development of our product range
  • Local contact partners

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