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Makita Cordless Assembly Tools


Makita designs and manufactures innovative cordless tools utilizing the latest advanced technology that allows professionals the ability to use cordless tools on tasks previously thought to be impossible. Our goal in designing manufacturing & assembly cordless tools is to break away from the historical method of costly air hose operation and allow the operator freedom with a powerful, accurate and ergonomic solution. Makita’s launch of the Torque-Tracer wireless data communication tools add additional value within the manufacturing environment through providing features with improved Quality Assurance methods. Torque-Tracer’s ability to capture fastening characteristics adds a traceability and communication component to quality management with subsequent gains in productivity. 


Less Energy Consumption needed to power cordless tools than to power pneumatic tooling. Extreme Energy Savings by eliminating air line and air tool leakage. Higher Quality Control by reducing damage to manufactured products often caused by hoses and cords. Reduced Operating Costs and down time by eliminating oilers and oil maintenance. Reduced Maintenance Costs by minimizing down time to repair damaged products.


More Flexibility to roam from one workspace to the next Greater Access and Maneuverability in confined workspaces and inside closed compartments Increased Efficiency with the ability to interchange tools from one application to the next Easier to Reposition Fastening System when assembly lines need to be rerouted, expanded or eliminated Quicker Recoveries from power interruptions


Reduced Hazards caused by air hoses laying across floors or hanging from ceiling Lighter Weight with Ergonomic Design for operator control Lower Vibration and Noise for operator comfort Environmentally Friendly low toxicity battery platforms

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