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EksoVest is an upper body exoskeleton that elevates and supports a worker’s arms to assist them with tasks ranging from chest height to overhead. It is lightweight and low profile, making it comfortable to wear in all conditions while enabling freedom of motion.
5-15 lb. Lift Assist Per Arm

Lift force can be adjusted to fit application and operator preference

Features and Benefits

Reduced Fatigue & Increased Endurance

Operators become less tired over the course of their shift leaving them with more energy at the end of the day

Rugged Design

Built with durable materials and tested to withstand wear & tear on the job

Customizable Size

The EksoVest can be adjusted to provide a custom fit to a wide range of operator sizes

Healthier Workers

Lessening the strain on operators’ shoulders and back reduces the likelihood of on-the-job injuries

Improved Worker Morale

Reduction in fatigue and injury leads to happier workers and improved worker retention

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