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Hydraulic Box Dumper

Designed for controlled dumping of material from boxes, crates, and other types of containers. Lowered height of only ⅜" allows for pallet truck loading and unloading. Retaining bar adjusts every 2" to accommodate a wide range of container heights. Each dump height has a hold down range, see chart. Maximum rotation is 135° yielding a 45 degree dump angle. Unit may be stopped at any point during the dump cycle. Chute reach is 10" when fully rotated. Internal 2HP power unit and hand held control standard (5.5 HP power unit on 6,000 pound models). Protective mesh side screens included. Heavy-duty welded steel construction. Standard duty cycle equals maximum 15 starts per hour in a normal environment. Duty cycle is calculated by starts per hour or number of times "up" button is pushed. Jogging (bouncing of the chute) is NOT recommended.


  • Industrial quality, 56 frame, 2 HP motor delivers best torque with minimal amperage draw and maximum life.
  • Voltage - 460 Volt, 60 cycle, 3 phase. Options available
  • Cast iron pump with integral valving including pressure relief valve, check valve, down solenoid valve and pressure compensated flow control valve.
  • 24 Volt, fused control circuit to protect operator.
  • Hydraulic Actuators have internal safety velocity fuse w/stainless steel spring for emergency lockup.
  • Welding to meet A.W.S.

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