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FIAM Pneumatic Screwdrivers\Nutrunners

FIAM pneumatic nutrunners and screwdrivers are known for unparalleled reliability and offer excellent productivity for applications where space is limited. High power to weight ratio ensures ultimate performance. Optimized ergonomic design ensures operator comfort, while robust angle head offers long tool life. Tools are fully reversible, delivering full torque for tightening operations as well as fastener removal. Oil-less motor requires less lubrication than standard screwdrivers during operation. FIAM offers 2CS nutrunner models equipped with pneumatic pick-up signal port for error-proofing operations. Compatible with FIAM TOM (Torque Operation Monitor) unit. High precision, gold standard quality auto shut-off technology 30-degree, right angle, and flat head models Hex and square drives (Imperial and Metric) Exceptionally wide torque range across the line 7.08 to 840.75 (0.8 to 95 N.m) Angle head nutrunners are ideal for automotive and appliance industry applications AF Flat head nutrunners solve minimal access tube nut assembly challenges

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