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Delta Regis 32V Right Angle Brushless DC Electric Drivers

A right angle screwdriver can allow an operator to more easily access tight areas.

The CESL8 Premium Brushless Electric Screwdrivers provide the ultimate combination of ergonomics, precision, environmental cleanliness and performance. Brushless DC electric motors do not generate the carbon dust associated with conventional DC motors, resulting in a low maintenance tool which runs cooler under demanding applications. A selection of controllers are available to provide Hi/Lo speed, Slow Start, Output Signals, and Run-down Verification.
  • quiet, brushless DC motor - no carbon dust
  • compact body design with cushioned grip for operator comfort
  • precise torque control, low torque reaction
  • less heat build-up than conventional brush motors
  • brushless design = low maintenance
  • ESD safe ergonomic housing available
  • CE/RoHS Compliant
Select the model that best suits your requirements below.

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