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Torque|Tapping Reaction Arms for Quality and ergonomics

Torque: Its gotta go somewhere!

All direct drive tools produce a torque/energy to drive a fastener in a assembly process.  This energy when using a handheld tool is transmitted to the operator. Torque reaction, tool weight and repetitive motion end up costing manufacturing companies millions due to injuries to an operator’s hand, wrist and shoulders. Injuries reduce productivity and increase costs due to downtime and absenteeism, along with potential Worker’s Compensation claims.  In almost all cases a suitable torque reaction arm can easily be integrated into the assembly process thus eliminating operator injuries.  

A torque reaction device suitable for any assembly process

A manufacturing engineer has two unique issues to resolve when choosing the proper torque reaction arm for their application.  One, reduce or eliminate any chance for operator injury.  Two, choose the right type of arm that the operator will not end up fighting with to complete the assembly process.  The unexpected bonus, quality improves dramatically.

Which one is right for your application?

Torque reaction Arm                            

     true parallel                   linear rail             linear/folding          telescopic


 What needs to be considered

  • The weight and amount of applied torque for the process
  • The position of the tool-vertical, horizontal multi positions
  • the configuration of the tool-right angle, pistol grip, in-line
  • The amount of table space to mount the tool
  • Tool air or electric considerations
  • The operators approval

 True parallel torque reaction arms- This type of arm can be configured as a bench mount, overhead rail mount, or underneath mount.  It is preferred in applications requiring a perfect perpendicular alignment between the part and fastener to avoid cross thread problems.  It is also a good choice for high torque applications.


Linear rail articulating torque arms-  These arms are also used for alleviating cross thread problems and provide a smooth and effortless movement by the operator.  A good choice when there is not multiple screws in a complex pattern.


Linear folding torque arms-  Much like the linear but allows for much greater mobility for circular or irregular screw patterns and is usually preferred by operators.


Telescopic torque arms-  Telescopic or torque tube arms have become very popular due to there ability to easily adopt into any type of assembly application. they can be easily over head rail mounted to cover a large area and take up little if any room in the work area.

Excel Assembly Solutions offers all configurations of torque arms from 8 leading manufacturers.  Contact us today for a thorough review of your application needs.


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