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Blog — Delta Regis Electric Screwdrivers

Delta Regis from Excel Assembly Solutions

Delta Regis from Excel Assembly Solutions

                  As a leader in torque controlled electric screwdrivers, Delta Regis has provided outstanding products for 15 years. One of Delta Regis' most popular Brushless DC Electric Screwdrivers is the ESL2 Series Miniature Screwdriver, which has become the new standard for torque assembly operations. With durable construction and innovative design, these screwdrivers are ideal for torque critical assembly operations. For precise installation of small screws, the Delta Regis ESL2 Series Miniature Screwdrivers offer excellent low torque repeatability. A low speed version of each model is also available for maximum repeatability and less heat at the joint during fastener run-down. Excel Assembly...

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