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Sturtevant Richmont: The Leader in Torque


In 1924, Walter P. Chrysler developed the deflecting beam torque wrench and licensed Paul Sturtevant to manufacture and sell his invention. Fast forward to 1940; Paul Sturtevant incorporated his own company and Frank Livermont incorporated Richmont. By the time they merged in 1964, they had produced the first wrenches, the first torque testers and the first calibration tools in torque application. Sturtevant Richmont completely pioneered the torque tool industry.  Since 1984 Sturtevant Richmont has been owned and operated by the Reynertson family and never fails to produce the highest quality of torque tools in the industry.

Industry Contributions

Sturtevant Richmont holds more than 50 patents for torque tools used in more than forty countries around the world, under the sea, up in space, or anywhere tool failure is not an option. They build tools that are meant to last. Sturtevant Richmont’s torque tools are rarely the cheapest, yet they have the lowest cost of ownership because they are accurate, reliable and durable. The total cost of ownership is less because their tools:

  • Remain in calibration longer
  • Need fewer repairs
  • Have a very long service life
  • Allow you to buy fewer wrenches and have fewer spares
  • Have interchangeable heads which fit on all of their wrenches
  • Are compatible both forwards and backwards

Sturtevant Richmont was the first American company to use the micro-processor in torque tool calibration equipment. They are the only company that wirelessly connects mechanical click, digital, and pneumatic tool verification to one process control/monitor and their commitment to accuracy in torque measurement created the first power tool tester. It is without a doubt that Sturtevant Richmont has become the Leader in Torque.

They Listen 

Sturtevant Richmont listens to what their customers want and need. If they don’t already provide the solution, they invent it for them- an example being the Wireless Torque Click Wrench. A customer had difficulties with a particular fastener on a build and they needed documentation when the work was done. Lo and behold, SR created the Wireless Torque Click Wrench for that particular application.

What do you need? Sturtevant Richmont will listen.

Excel Assembly Solutions can help

Excel Assembly Solutions is a proud and authorized distributor for Sturtevant Richmont. If you need assistance with anything torque related, send us a message or give us a call at (800) 952-1454 or (216) 265-7779. Our expert engineers would be happy to assist you.

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